About Rowe Tactical

About Us

Every Rowe Tactical component is precision crafted in our facility using only the highest quality American-made metals and materials. We are committed to delivering firearms that meet or exceed Mil-Spec standard, and we never permit the utilization of inferior or imported materials in any of the weapons or parts we produce.

Quality control is the responsibility of everyone that works at Rowe Tactical. Every department within the company takes pride in ensuring that only quality products and materials enter and exit the facility.

Rowe Tactical has its roots in the operating room, and we bring that surgical level of detail to every area of production. Our weapons are designed to extremely tight quality control tolerances, and we conduct inspections at every level of production: from the raw materials that enter the receiving department, to the highly skilled gunsmiths and pistolsmiths who engineer our weapons, to the shipping department that completes final visual inspection and packages the product before it leaves the factory.

Each product we make is machined to exacting standards, but we don’t stop there. Each Rowe Tactical component goes through a rigorous process to ensure a firearm that can’t be matched.

  • Manufactured with tolerances better than standard Mil-Spec
  • Machined on modern 4- and 5-axis CNC machines using billet 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Fit and finish second-to-none in the industry
  • Inspected via a multi-step process by our state-of-the-art Quality Control department
  • Tested and finished in cutting-edge, climate-controlled clean room
  • Dimensional and visual inspection to ensure durability, strength and quality

At Rowe Tactical, we work tirelessly to ensure that every weapon we produce ships with exceptional tolerances and fit. You’ll find that our products easily interchange with any other Mil-Spec components, and we will do it with a higher grade of fit.

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